Reviews: Shopping And Dining At Terrain In Westport

My first time at Terrain was all awe and wonder. The assortment of products, the way the store is merchandised, the friendly staff, great background music – it was all good. There was even a cafe serving small bites – I was in heaven! I picked up couple of gifts for friends and clients, including a birthday gift and baby shower gift. If you are looking for a present for someone who loves nature, serenity and all things green and organic, Terrain is the place to go. In addition to trees, perennials and containers for your garden or patio Terrain has a huge selection of potted plants and terrariums. You can pick a glass vessel of your liking and the friendly staff will help you design your own little indoor garden (but they also have tons of ready-made ones). They hold workshops for those who want to learn how to make their own terrarium.

And so, with this love story between me and Terrain developing, I was thrilled when my best friends made a reservation for 4 for a dinner there last Saturday. The restaurant has only been open for couple of weeks but it already has a huge following mostly thanks to the unusual location. If you are seated outside you eat surrounded by trees, ornamental grasses, bubbling fountains and dozens of stands holding planters overflowing with flowers in all the colors of summer. There is also an indoor seating within the main store – kind of cool as you can see the store through glass walls.

So here comes the dining part – both bad and good. I was very excited about dining at Terrain as it is run by people who support locally grown food and only use fresh and organic ingredients. I had high expectations, I wanted to see lots of vegetarian and vegan options.

We arrived on time and even though we had a reservation we were seated at a table all the way in the back and just 2 feet from the kitchen door. My friend, who made the reservation, was not happy and made it be known so after a short wait we were lead outside by an unapologetic hostess. We liked the setting and got immediately lost in a conversation. The menus arrived (there are no specials as menu changes daily based on what is available at local farms) and I studied mine only to realize that there is only one vegetarian option in entrees – the dreaded “vegetarian platter”. I ordered fish instead and moved on. William, also scared of the “platter” ordered a bunch of sides – a vegetarian’s rescue in vegetarian-unfriendly eateries.

About 20 minutes later (as I was picturing my fish to be slowly cooking on the grill) our waitress, (whom we knew from her previous gig, and who saved the evening with her good sense of humor and desserts on the house) informed us that the kitchen ran out of fish. She asked me and my friend who order the same dish, to choose a replacement but also gave us hope that the chef may find another kind of fish after all. Intrigued, I wanted to find out where exactly he is going to go fishing at this late hour but it turned out that a fish scout was sent to Whole Foods in an attempt to save our original order. Meanwhile, we were almost done with the first bottle of wine and the situation was seeming more funny than annoying.

The salads arrived and they were OK. The second bottle of wine was even better than the first (isn’t that always the case?) and finally we got the good news – the fish is here and ready! My dish was very good, William liked his veggie combo and by the time the free deserts arrived we were happy.

Oh, I forgot to mention that Terrain has an amazing online store. Check it out!

Compact Digital Camera Reviews And News

Is it that time again to go shopping for a new camera? Well if you were still using that Polaroid or film camera, it may be time for you to consider getting a compact digital camera. When shopping for a pricey high-tech electronic such as this, it is important that you shop around for the best deals. For instance, you should try looking for camera reviews. You can find these on various web sites, just simply Google it and you will find plenty to choose from.

It is important that you do research for compact digital reviews after deciding to purchase one. You will find that there is a lot of competition, which is a great benefit for you. Your local stores may end up having the best deals and reviews; an even greater convenience for you. There are also other great companies that may have a great price for a camera, so make sure to check out their digital reviews before ordering one from them. Reading reviews can take you a long way, especially when it comes to deciding which digital camera to buy and where to buy it from.

Many people enjoy the camera because it is very discreet, sleek and portable. The regular sized digital camera is portable, of course, but it isn’t as easy to carry around. Usually you’d need a pouch to put it in, but you can simply slip it in your pocket or small purse. There are many different size and styles, so make it your mission to search around through reviews to see which are the most popular. You too may find that it is the right one for you.

Another reason to look into compact digital camera reviews is when you are looking to buy one as a gift for another person. Before you begin your search, you should find out what the person needs in the camera. With all the different types around, you will find something that fits their specific needs. For instance, if he or she is looking for a camera that has 5.0 pixels or more, you should revolve your search around that specification. Or maybe that person is looking for a certain color. Many of the digital cameras have various color options to choose from, but it may be much harder to find. Check with the reviews to see if anyone knows of a place that has many options.

Bing’s Latest Assault and the Consequences For Search Marketing

I think it’s about time for a Bing update. It’s now a year since Microsoft’s ‘decision engine’ was launched, and the last few months have seen a huge marketing push.

The chances are you’ve seen one of the TV ads, which focus on reducing the information overload users can experience at the hands of other search engines. Which is all very well, but can Bing deliver on its promises, and what are the consequences of this latest push for an online marketing agency like us?

The obvious outcome is that the cost of search engine marketing could potentially come down. As Bing fights to eat into Google’s market share, the increased competition between Google AdWords and Microsoft adCenter is good news for search engine marketers.

One would also expect this battle for search dominance to drive improvements and innovation across the board, which can only benefit online marketing agencies and users alike. Recent Google innovations include placing more importance on the load speed when ranking pages, and the ongoing Google Squared project – intended to organise information related to the search term logically and quickly.

I’ve also noticed several changes to the Google interface over the last couple of weeks including going (even more) minimalistic for a while by removing the links across the top of the page including Gmail, shopping and news. These changes, both large and small, are a clear indication that the market leader is not going to let Bing’s advance go unnoticed.

Bing’s market share continues to creep up

The polls show Bing’s market share is growing; ComScore’s most recent survey gives Bing a market share of 11.5% compared to Google’s 65.5%. But can this growth be sustained? I used Bing frequently back when it was launched, and have had another look recently after seeing the TV ads, but this was out of curiosity rather than because I’ve decided it’s the best search engine. If I used it out of curiosity then surely others did too and, like me, may revert to the comfort of Google.

It’s been said, but for me it comes down to familiarity and speed and, as I’m familiar with Google’s offering, I get what I’m looking for more quickly. To break this cycle, Bing must strive to exceed Google’s engine rather than just match it.

Search on the move – the latest battleground

The forthcoming launch of the Windows Phone 7, with its dedicated Bing search button, can only bolster Bing’s growth. However, the popularity of the Windows phone is unlikely to rival that of the iPhone (which uses Google as its default search engine), particularly with the hype already surrounding the launch of the iPhone 4G. Add to this the fact that Google is the standard engine on the iPad, and it’s evident that gaining the upper hand in mobile search is going to be tricky.

Online marketing agencies require search engines to deliver lots of relevant traffic as cheaply as possible. Whether Bing will ever dethrone Google in this respect is yet to be seen, but the ongoing competition is good news for the world of search engine marketing, and we should take advantage of the benefits wherever possible.