iPad Electronic Menus and Android Could Be Next Big Trend at Coffee Shops and Cafes

If you take a look in the news on major websites, or simply conduct a search engine query, you’ll quickly find that electronic menusare gaining rapid popularity amongst restaurants and consumers; of which they have a wide swath of appeal for both. But one thing that these menus have yet to cross over to – with regards to the same depth of trendiness – are cafes and coffee shops; like mainstream conglomerates and even mom and pop joints. However, a solid prediction can be made: in the very near future expect to see either Android or iPad electronic menus in both of these types of venues as they strive to adapt to the ever changing evolutionary path of technology and better serve their customers, as well as more streamline revenue and overall operational efficiency.

Android Electronic Menus Tend to Cost Less

There are some options for smaller places that often operate on a minimal budget: Android tablets cost fewer dollars than their iPad counterparts, and offer a nice array of desirable features, too. While the mainstream masses are more attracted to the iPad, the addition of touch screen displays that allow for customers to see menu items, customize drink or food orders and even pay for their order using the tablet can greatly ease lines and waiting, and allow for workers to better fulfill and serve customers’ needs. Additionally, there are free software services that can work with Android tablets-so smaller places can affordably implement them as electronic menus.

More People Use iPad Electronic Menus

The more desirable route is to add iPad tablets to a cafe or coffee shop. You can even buy nifty and durable enclosures that also protect the delicate touch screen displays. Many fast food restaurants have been toying with this idea over the past few years, and it’s a good notion to predict that soon you will be seeing these types of electronic menus in many mainstream coffee shop franchises; some cafĂ© chains have already been adding them as well, and are reporting an increase in sales and in customer satisfaction as a result.

Some Places Want to Offer Both

If you really want to go all out – add iPad electronic restaurant menus and Android tablets to your business to provide your customers with the ultimate choice of their platform for ordering food. Some people favor one over the other, and when presented with an option of using either or, the “wow” factor can be substantially upped. It’s safe to say that in the few short years that lie ahead that these innovative ordering devices will soon take over as the mainstay in the food service industry.