Holiday Shopping and the Men Who Hate it!

I read a news article yesterday that stated men, as a general rule (of course there are always exceptions to the rule!) feel the same amount of stress as a police officer during a riot. That’s pretty serious stress! Most men (again, just a general statement…no offense to those men who DO enjoy shopping!) are about as happy shopping as women are changing a tire in the pouring rain on the side of the interstate at rush hour. This is NOT a happy task!

So, on behalf of all the fine men out there who are among those who loathe the idea of shopping for Christmas gifts (or any other gifts, for that matter!), I offer this to the women in their lives:

Let’s give them a break, ladies! If they prefer to shop online or by mail order or have their secretary do it for them, what’s the harm in that? If they give any thought to gifts they’re buying for you, what difference does it make HOW they buy them? I mean, if you had to choose shopping or policing a riot, what do you think you’d choose?

One of the reasons I thought it might be helpful to offer these thoughts is because I happen to be one of the ‘lucky ones’. The last 3 relationships I had were with men who really did LOVE to shop. I know. It’s weird. But they really did enjoy it. In fact, my last boyfriend used to bug me to go shopping on weekends. I’m not all that crazy about shopping, to tell you the truth. I’d rather buy everything online, have it sent to my house and then have a wrapping party (I do love the wrapping part), undisturbed by traffic, crowds and mean people who have no Christmas spirit whatsoever! But I digress….the reason I thought I’d offer these thoughts is so that , perhaps, you can both enjoy the holidays without getting on each others’ nerves. If you’ll just leave him be, he’ll get it done. And it might even help if you wrote “Santa” a letter!

I used to do this for my first husband, who did like to shop but never knew what to get. He’d start asking in August! And, of course, he’d wait til the last minute because he’d get all stressed out, not knowing what to get. So, I started writing Santa a letter. Even mailed it to him. He thought that was great! And we enjoyed quite a few lovely Christmases after that. (The divorce thing isn’t important. Let’s just say that we realized we weren’t suited for “til death do us part”. It was a happy ending after all!) Anyway, all I’m saying is, if your man doesn’t enjoy the shopping part, give him a hand or just allow him to be who he is and do it his way. It doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you. It just means he’d rather share good feelings with you than go shopping. And if that article I read had even a stitch of truth to it (I believe so!), I’d prefer my man be happy about the holidays. If he wants to shop online, I’m going to bring him a cocktail (or a beer or whatever he likes) and some snacks while he’s doing it! I want him happy. And I’ll do whatever it takes (well, almost…I do have my limits!).

So, to all you ladies out there with a man who loves them, next time you see him, plant a big ol’ kiss on him and let him know you love him JUST AS HE IS. Take the pressure of perfection off him and be happy he’s in your life. He’ll appreciate that (and he might even brave the mall just because you laid off the nagging!) That’s just how some men are wired, ya know?

Happiest Holidays to You ALL!