Dubli Will Change the Culture of Shopping and What Consumers Consider is a Fair Price to Pay

You may have not have heard of Dubli so may not be up to speed with what Dubli is or does. Dubli the brain child of Michael Hansen was recently launched in Australia and NZ, following on the heels of its success in the USA. Dubli was originally launched in Germany in 2003 and was then expanded to the rest of Europe in 2006. Dubli is a web based shopping portal but Dubli is unique as it not only guarantees to have the lowest prices but it’s also a user pay e-commerce shopping model.

So what does that mean exactly? It means that the Dubli shopping website has the latest and most popular items for sale, that start at the cheapest price and then when you spend a Dubli credit (80c each) the price of the item is reduced by 25c. The price of an item is further reduced each and every time someone uses a Dubli credit to reveal the price. The item will eventually be sold when someone can’t wait to see if the price will go any lower and risk someone else buying the item.

This sort of auction is called a reverse auction and it’s quite ingenious and exciting news for consumers in that it drives the price down. Unlike a traditional auction such as eBay where there is a large selection of items and demand drives the price up, Dubli selects a limited number of the most popular items so there are a lot of customers vying for a smaller group of the most popular, big brand items. This funnelled on-line traffic results in the prices dropping quickly and customers having a fun shopping experience and receiving amazing bargains.

So as a consumer we can from now on expect to pay far less then retail on some of the most popular items and brands. This is great news for consumers but for some it may be somewhat a bit of a mind warp. The hard part for Dubli being new is that modern society over time has become sceptical of deals that may sound “too good to be true”, so it may take a little while for the news to spread that Dubli = crazy prices which are legitimate. Dubli rely on social media rather than the traditional media to help with the viral spread of such news. Dubli are also recruiting a team of Mums and Dads and everyday people to drive their recruitment campaign.

Dubli are very smart to recruit a workforce of everyday people and turn them into network marketers or “Business Associates”, who can use free credits to quickly and easily demonstrate to potential customers the benefits of shopping with Dubli. Customers will soon realise the true value of a Dubli credit and the huge savings it can bring. For some of the business minded Dubli customers the penny may drop when they realise that Dubli represents a business model that they themselves could also work with as a work from home business.

Dubli are changing the rules on what consumers consider is a fair price to pay. The crazy prices that Dubli can offer will no doubt in time have an impact on the sales figures of competing traditional bricks and mortar business. Their competitors are shackled to a traditional business model and therefore unable to match let alone beat Dubli’s prices. It will be Dubli’s customer’s perceived value for money and having a fun shopping experience that will result in accelerating a generational shift over to on-line shopping and such a change in the culture of shopping.