Celebrity Shopping

Our fascination with the rich and famous is nothing new. There are television shows, magazines, websites, and Celebrity blogs dedicated to celebrity watching. One of the most intriguing aspects of the celebrity lifestyle is the extravagant shopping habits of these stars.

The most well-known shopping district frequented by Hollywood celebs is Rodeo Drive. This glamorous and expensive district spans only three blocks but some of the most affluent shops and boutiques can be found in this area. The most well-known clothing designers in the world have shops located on Rodeo. Gucci, Christian Dior, Coco Chanel, Valentino, and Ralph Lauren designs are sold within these three blocks. Cartier and Tiffany have stores here that cater to celebrities in the market for sparkling jewels. Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Yves Saint Laurent are part of the district as well.

Wedged between Beverly Hills and West Hollywood is the lesser known shopping district Robertson Boulevard that attracts the ultra-famous. The area between Beverly Boulevard and Third Street is where most of the trendy shops and infamous restaurants are located that attract stars who want to avoid the touristy Rodeo Drive area. Kitson boutique has been known to serve celebrity clientele like Halle Berry, Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, and Paris Hilton. The upscale boutiques Ghost and Madison also share the Robertson address. Celebs Leonardo DiCaprio, Winona Ryder, and Jennifer Love Hewitt have been spotted shopping at the exclusive Lisa Kline and Lisa Kline For Men. Stupid celebrities frequently highlights the most outrageous shopping sprees of the hottest A-listers.

London is a hot spot for Hollywood stars out and about abroad. Harrod’s, Selfridges, and the King’s Road are shopping venues that attract the rich and famous from around the world. Primrose Hill Village is home to unique boutiques and stores frequented by high-profile celebs. Many stars prefer vintage clothing and one-of-a-kind fashions that can be found in obscure boutiques. The Cross and Browns are celebrity picks for finding avant garde and up-and-coming accessories from all over the world.

So what kinds of purchases do these celebrities make when hitting all of these exclusive retail outlets? Fashion expert Erin Ralph has reported details on shopping sprees by Jennifer Tilly, Demi Moore, Elton John, and Madonna. During a visit at Prada, Tilly purchased twelve pairs of Jimmy Choo shoes at an average price of $400 per pair. Demi Moore shelled out $15,000 during a Gucci shopping spree in Cannes. Elton John reportedly spent $100,000 at Versace despite a 30 percent VIP discount. Pop diva Madonna and her husband parted with $45.000 during a Fendi shopping spree.

Actress Katie Holmes and wife of Tom Cruise dropped $200,000 at the Beverly Hills Barneys New York store in 2006. Purchases of $400 for two pairs of jeans and five bags of clothes for baby Suri were a few of the goodies reported from her spending spree. Madonna, who reportedly earns $43 million a year, browses through “look books” from designers at her London home. She’s been known to spend $60,000 at a single sitting.

There are certain weaknesses that celebrities have admitted to when it comes to shopping obsessions. Beyonce Knowles finds earrings irresistible. The superstar even purchases them in bulk. Sarah Jessica Parker confesses that she has a serious compulsion for purchasing shoes. The former star of hit comedy “Sex in the City” estimates that she has around 100 pairs ranging in price from $300 to $1000. Check out our Celebrity News to stay posted about what stars are spending and what they’re buying.