Can You Shop And Make Money?

Mystery shoppers were first used as a tool to test the honesty and integrity of company employees. Since the first shopper appeared on the scene in the 1940’s, mystery shopping has grown into a multi-billion dollar industry. Almost any business in existence is a candidate for mystery shopping.

Shoppers are frequently used by all kinds of retail stores, restaurants (from fast food to fine dining), banks, apartment communities, new car dealers, new home builders, healthcare, bars, casinos and on and on goes the list.

So, can you really make money shopping? Yes, you can. It is a great way to earn an honest part time income. But it must be approached as a serious business. The first assignments will most likely be on the low end of the pay scale. Just as you would in any job or business, you begin at the bottom and work up. Start your endeavor by organizing your applications and searches for shops. When you get that first assignment, do your very best. Perform each shop according to the instructions, meet the deadline and provide quality reports.

Giving your best on these first lowly shops will give you the experience you need as well as earning a great reputation among the shopping companies. Yes, they do talk to each other and if you demonstrate excellence in your work, that good news will spread. Before long you can look forward to shops that pay well. You will be on the road to building a worthwhile part time income. There are some established shoppers devoted to full time shopping that generate full time income. Of course, it depends on how much income you need, right? Some might consider this “full time income” just part time income based on their needs and expenses.

Your location plays a huge role in the number of available shops. Large cities, of course, have more of everything – including mystery shops. And, no matter where you live, be patient. You are building a small business as an independent contractor.

If you enjoy shopping and want some flexibility in your schedule, mystery shopping is perfect for you. It is well worth the effort needed to get started in your own endeavor. Not only will this result in extra cash, it provides reimbursement on some shops for products and services. How about reimbursement for that long overdue plumbing job? Or, a full service car wash? Maybe a great dinner at a very nice restaurant? The possibilities are endless. If you have the determination, you can definitely turn this into a profitable home business.