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Choosing Phlebotomy as a Career

Most people define phlebotomy as the art or tasks that are involved in specimen extraction from the human body the use of sharp incisions. Most people describe venipuncture as the tasks done by phlebotomists. Although other medical specialists can perform some of these tasks, those trained and mandated to carry out these tasks are referred to as phlebotomists.

If you want to be in the medical industry without having to go to school for all the years, you can engage in the phlebotomy career. The course basically takes an average of 150 to 230 hours and can be comfortably completed within a single semester or learning. For those who are not freaked out the presence of blood and needles, it is possible for them to take the phlebotomy course and make it a career. As a phlebotomist, your main area of work will be in the medical facilities and blood donation sites.

One of the most common yet important tasks of a phlebotomist is the blood specimen collection. The samples can be better understood as the blood that is extracted from you when you go to the hospital and the doctor wants to test it for infections and diseases. Sometimes, the doctor may request you to collect other sample such as stool and urine specimens when he wants to test certain aspects of the client’s health. Due to this fact, it is important that the phlebotomist gets the knowledge and understanding on the ideal means of collecting the specimen.

As a phlebotomists, you need to know how to deal with clients and patients during the specimen collection period. While these specialists spend limited time with the clients, it is crucial that they learn how to interact with people and make them comfortable during the processes. Due to this fact, it is vital that they keep the clients and the patients calm, explaining the happenings as well as answering to the client’s questions in the process. It is the duty of the phlebotomist to prepare the specimens in the correct order for examination and laboratory purposes.

This calls for personal care and safety so that you do not transmit the samples or specimens to yourself. This calls for exceptional skills especially when handling specimens of highly contagious or dangerous diseases and infections. For this reason, you find that phlebotomists are highly appreciated in the society due to the work that they do.

The phlebotomist is needed to clearly fill the required documents and papers before presenting them for the tests to the clinical officer or laboratory specialist. It is the duty of the phlebotomist to visibly label and record every specimen in a separate way so that they can be used for later referencing. The indispensable phlebotomy career can surely not be underrated.

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Schools – Getting Started & Next Steps